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Why Use Ystalmoon?

Ystalmoon is a natural deodorant, that is aluminum and paraben free. Ystalmoon fights odor by eliminating the bacteria under the arms that cause bad odor.

Frequent Questions

Ystalmoon is a crystal deodorant made of a natural mineral salt called potassium alum. 

Ystalmoon is a crystal deodorant, available as a stone. When a crystal deodorant is made out of stone, the method of applying the deodorant is by running the stone under water, followed by applying it to clean underarms. Due to its method of use, the stone wears minimally, making each bar last a long time due to its low wear.

Wet the tip of the stone (the deodorant stick) with water and apply abundantly under clean underarms. The stone may be applied by rubbing it up and down or in circular motion, until your entire underarm is covered. You should continue to add water to the stone and applying so that your entire underarm is covered.

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Ystalmoon is composed of a single mineral potassium alum. It is a 100% natural component found in nature, and has deodorant, antibacterial, astringent, and softening properties.

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What is Ystalmoon?

Ystalmoon is a natural deodorant, that is aluminum and paraben free. 

How long does Ystalmoon last?

Ystalmoon last for almost a year and a half.