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"After having tried it for a week I wanted to comment on our experience, in my case I feel that it works, the first days after about 12 hours I had to reapply because I sweated with a little smell, but now I sweat very little and no smell when applying once a day and I imagine it will be more and more effective as my body is getting used to something natural and without chemicals compared to what I used before, so I am very happy and I even bought the bar to clean my face and rest of the body (I'm waiting for it to arrive) 🙊. My partner tells me that it has worked very well for him, he sweats little/nothing and no odor problem (he used a less toxic deodorant, so his adaptation was faster) In short, I recommend you try it, plus it's something that doesn't hurt our body 💖 and it's quite effective "
"It arrived yesterday and today I started using it... it really is wonderful! I applied it half incredulous, and even at first I was very worried, so when I left I put another deodorant in my bag, but it really wasn't necessary , zero bad smell, zero perspiration, zero deodorant stains on clothes, I'm still half surprised by this product, I'm so shocked that I'm already recommending it... aaaa and I also bought the bar of soap since I'm getting a lot pimples, I applied it and your face is hydrated, zero fat, and odorless, I hope in a few days to see more results with my pimples, since I just started using it...10000% recommended!